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Little Boy Soldiers. The show. Lyrics and Music copyright 2014 Anthony Francis Cummings. All rights reserved.


The Origin of the Story.

During the heady summer of 1914. My great Grandfather, Frank Cummings 21, along with his younger brother George 19, took the Kings oath and volunteered for active service overseas in the Great War. The following year his two younger brothers, Eddie 15  and Percival 16, both under the legal conscription age of 19. (The little boy soldiers) were also illegally, enlisted into the British army. As basic, training ended in Heaton park in the autumn of 1915 all four brothers were sent overseas to be stationed just outside Maricourt, France. The next two years saw the entire family decimated and flung across the world in the most horrendous and unusual of ways.

  Frank and George both learn first hand of the true horrors of industrialised slaughter on a monumental scale. They both begin a desperate race against time to ship their two younger siblings back home before it is to late.

  However at the heart of this war story lies the tragic events also unfolding at home. Franks young wife Minnie falls pregnant to another man. The father of the house is accused of murder and jailed leaving the boys mother alone and penniless. The very fabric of life in the small village of Marple seems to be tearing and fraying at every turn. Secrets from the past are finally unearthed in 1977, during a delicate excavation in the fields of France and have a huge impact on the people left behind, and a chance meeting during the rememberance day parade of 1978 brings two people back together after almost a lifetime apart. Geneology and family letters create a book that could never have been written by chance. As they always say. The truth is stranger than fiction.  

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